1861 August 5 Letter to Feramorz Little


1861 August 5 Letter to Feramorz Little


Brother Laub will cut the poles at the upper mill. The finished poles be taken to the canyon to season.




Brigham Young


Feramorz Little


1861 August 5


Great Salt Lake City


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G. S. L. City, Aug. 5, 1861.

Br. F. Little:-I have engaged br. Laub to go to the upper mill and saw those poles, and to continue until they are all sawed. If you have taken sawyers from the lower mills, you can return them so soon as br. Laub arrives; he will go to your house this evening. I should not have done this, only upon the supposition that you were short of help, as when I last saw you.

When the poles are sawed, br. Laub will return to work with the millwrights here. Hasten the poles to the mouth of the Canon; and lay them open, from the time they are sawed, that they may season as rapidly as possible.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young