1861 August 7 Letter to Lewis Robison


1861 August 7 Letter to Lewis Robison


Counsel on where to build the bridge. An update from family in the East.




Daniel H Wells


Lewis Robison


1861 August 7


Great Salt Lake City


Building and Construction

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G. S. L. City, Augt. 7 1861.

Lewis Robison Esqr.,

Dear Brother:-
I received your note of the 1st. inst, came to hand during the absence of
the President to Farmington where he has been to attend a two days meeting and I did not get a chance to talk with him until last evening about your matters. We think perhaps there may be a trick in regard to going below to build the bridge it may possibly be out of the Territory, and if as you say the point you have selected is the best and you should know much better than any stranger be he Superintendent of Daily Mail or otherwise <then that is where I would build it.>. If the Maps are right you are in the bend of the river at or near its utmost western point and the line of 110 strikes across the bend leaving the balance of the river <is that region south> outside of our boundary. It was evidently the design of whoever got up that contemptible plot to exclude both the Ferries on Green River and Fort Bridger from our Territory and they have taken the lower Ferry but doubtless through ignorance failed in both the other points; they will have to try again. I would build the bridge if I built it at all upon the best route and the travel is bound to come there.

In regard to the Bridger Ranch we do not know as Col. Cooke could do anything even if he would be disposed to, which is also doubtful. We therefore did not send the papers. All is right the protest may perhaps save a point sometime.

All are well here so far as I know hands are scarce and hard to get. Crops are fine but for the last week we have had copious showers of rain almost every day and is yet cloudy and threatening; I feat it will damage the wheat if it does not clear off soon.

I received a letter from my Sister Catherine Woods, all of our friends east were well except herself, her health is very poor. She thinks some if her life is spared of paying us a visit another season. Albert had passed his examination and was ordained a Deacon (first order in the ministry) in the Episcopal Church on Trinity Sunday 24 May, he therefore it seems is thus preparing for the [gap in typescript]