1861 August 15 Letter to Andrew J. Moffitt


1861 August 15 Letter to Andrew J. Moffitt


Moffitt should arrange the hauling of tithing wheat. Southern Bishops will give instructions on where to settle. Updates are given on the emigration.




Brigham Young


Andrew J. Moffitt


1861 August 15


Great Salt Lake City
Manti, Sanpete County, U. T.


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G. S. L. City, Aug 15, 1861.

Bishop Andrew J. Moffitt,
Manti, Sanpete County, U. T.

Dear Brother:-Your welcome favor of the 11th inst., is at hand, and its perusal was gratifying, the contents evidencing that you are alive to the duties of your office.

I wish you to look after the tithing of the settlement on the Sevier at the mouth of Sanpete Creek, and arrange, so far as you can, to have the brethren there haul their tithing wheat to Nephi, on labor tithing; and have hauled to Manti, also on labor tithing, the remainder, if any, of what you cannot get hauled to Nephi. I also wish you to be on the lookout, in season, for teams to haul the tithing wheat to Sanpete to the G. T. Office in this City, said hauling to be credited on the labor tithing of those who do it.

Please inform those wishing to go to the lower settlement on the Sevier and to the cotton country, that we will give them orders on the different Bishops in whose Wards they may settle, in exchange for such produce, other than their tithing, as they deliver to you. Also inform those who may move to the cotton country, that I shall be much pleased to have them turn the most of their attention to raising cotton and producing molasses and sugar.

Of course you are aware that it is your privilege to consult br. Hyde on any matters upon which you may wish counsel.

Yesterday's Pony brought no dispatches for this place of California, nor any word as to the reason for the failure, leaving us in doubt as to whether the wires are down or the Government has ordered them to stop, probably the former. The latest States dates have nothing of much importance since the battle at Bull Run, Va., July 21.

Captain Hooper and family, with br. Thomas Williams, arrived on the 9th inst., all well. Br. H. W. Lawrence and J. B. Kimball arrived a day before, having driven ahead of br. Hooper from Green River. Br. David H. Cannon and the first company of this year's immigration are expected in tomorrow.

Our immigration were all this side of Wood River before the 1st of August, and all getting along admirably well. The teams sent from here were bringing some 1900 persons, besides all the freight sent for.

The new theatre is progressing rapidly, and we expect to have it inclosed before rough weather.

Br's N. V. Jones, Jacob Gates, and Claudius V. Spencer have just arrived in good health. They left Florence July 17, and past all the Companies in good condition and spirits.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young