1861 August 19 Letter to Thomas Howard


1861 August 19 Letter to Thomas Howard


Howard is to manage the Paper Mill.




Brigham Young


Thomas Howard


1861 August 19


Great Salt Lake City



Item sets


Trustee in Trust Officer
Augt 19th 1861

Thomas Howard

Dear Brother:
You are engaged by the Trustee in Trust to take charge of the Paper Mill and to manufacture such kinds of paper as you are instructed by the Trustee in Trust.

You are herewith furnished a time book in which you will enter the time of those employed in the mill and return the book to this Office once in two weeks.

You are also furnished with a pass book, in which you will enter the rags, and every other kind of material received for the mill, to the credit of the persons from whom you receive them, and to be returned to this Office when called for.

When you require any materials for the mill make your wants known to the Trustee in Trust and if such materials can be procured it will be by his printed order.

You are also required to furnish me a weekly written report showing what kind and quantity of paper you have made, how the machinery works, and every item of interest that I may be duly informed of all matters going on at the works.

I have to request that no paper be traded or exchanged by any person at the mill, and that you keep it in a safe place, and I will send for it as soon as I am informed of its being ready; and you send with the teamster a bill of the kind, quantity and weight.

Brigham Young
Trustee in Trust.

G. S. L. City, Aug. 20, 1861.