1862 March 15 Letter to Thomas J. Thurston


1862 March 15 Letter to Thomas J. Thurston


Brigham deems Little Soldier's price for land reasonable.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


Thomas J. Thurston


1862 March 15


Great Salt Lake City
Weber Valley, Morgan County, Utah

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Indian Affairs

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G. S. L. City, March 15, 1862.

Bishop Thos. J. Thurston,
Weber Valley, Morgan Co. U. T.

Dear Brother:-All our experience proves that it is much cheaper, and it is certainly far better and more consistent with our professions, to conciliate the Indians in and around our settlements than, for a trifling amount, to excite their animosity and thereby incur the risk of loss of property and perhaps of life.

I understand that the brethren residing there have purchased from Little Soldier the lower part of Weber Valley, and that he offers the upper or remaining portion of said Valley for two horses and a beef creature. I deem this a very reasonable demand for the occupancy and use of the soil, timber, water, range, &c. claimed by Little Soldier and his band, and wish you, at your earliest convenience, saying nothing about the pony given last season to Little Soldier, to give him two good horses and a good beef creature, and at the same time have him on consideration of the aforesaid payment, sign the accompanying deed running to me as Trustee in Trust. Charge said horses and beef creature, when delivered, to the General Tithing Office.

When you have completed the forenamed business, or at the same time, I would be pleased to have you, if you can do so on equally reasonable terms, purchase of Little Soldier the round Valley just above the Valley in which you reside. [?] case of said purchase, take a deed and charge the payment as in the purchase first named.

Your early attention to the foregoing will make mattes easier and pleasanter than otherwise may be and much oblige.

Your Brother in the Gospel

Brigham Young