1862 April 14 Letter to John M. Bernhisel


1862 April 14 Letter to John M. Bernhisel


Brigham refutes the idea that the Overland Mail Company is in danger from the Indians.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


John M. Bernhisel


1862 April 14


Great Salt Lake City
Washington City D. C.


Indian Affairs

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G. S. L. City, April 14, 1862.

Hon. John M. Bernhisel,
Washington City D. C.,

I am informed that a telegram has been forwarded from here over the signatures of Frank Fuller, J. F. Kinney <and six others> not one of whom is a permanent resident in this Territory, to the Secretary of War, asking him to authorize James D. Doty, Superintendent of Indian Affairs, to raise and officer a regiment here for three months, or until U. S. troops can reach here, under the general allegations that the property of the Overland Mail Company and the settlers are in danger from the Indians.

So far as I know, the Indians in Utah are unusually quiet; and instead of 2000 hostile Shoshones coming into our northern settlements, Washekeek, their Chief, has wintered in this City and near it, perfectly friendly, and is about to go in his band. Besides, the militia of Utah are ready and able, as they ever have been, to take care of all the Indians within our borders, and are able and willing to protect the [?] line, if called upon so to do.

The statements of the aforesaid telegram are without foundation in truth, so far as we know.

Brigham Young