1862 April 24 Letter to Joshua Terre


1862 April 24 Letter to Joshua Terre


Terre is asked to serve as an Indian interpreter for an escort group.


Indian Affairs


Daniel H Wells


Joshua Terre


1862 April 24


Great Salt Lake City


Indian Affairs

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Great Salt Lake City April 24<d>, 1862.

Mr. Joshua Terre

Dear Bro

Owing to reported disturbances with the Indians at Green River and on the sweet Water it has been deemed advisable to send an escort with Col Hooper and others who are going to the States. Accordingly a detachment of twenty men has been made to go under Col Robert T Burton to be ready to start tomorrow the 25th inst at 12 M. with horses and the necessary clothing and rations for 30 days. Your name is in the detachment as an interpreter, and it is needless to say we depend upon your going. I will send for Lewis also to go out soon to Green River, so that you can leave any business you may wish for him to attend for you when he goes out.

Please to respond in person at the time or as near it as may be, and any assistance I can render will be cheerfully given

Your Brother,

Daniel H Wells