1862 April 24 Letter to Robert T. Burton


1862 April 24 Letter to Robert T. Burton


Burton and his company will escort Colonel Hooper's group. They should treat the Indians kindly and investigate the cause of the present difficulties.


Indian Affairs


[David H Wells]


Robert T. Burton


1862 April 24


Great Salt Lake City

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Indian Affairs

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G. S. L. City, April 24, 1862.

Col. Robert T. Burton and the Detachment to guard the Mail Stage, under your charge-

You are detailed for this special service and will proceed from this place in company with Col. Hooper, General C. W. West, Judge Kinney and probably other passengers in the Mail coach for the eastern states as a guard to protect them against Indian depredations who are said to be hostile and continue in the company on the route so far as it may be deemed necessary by yourself and Col. Hooper for their safety. In traveling the stage must correspond to your time as it cannot be expected that without change of Animals your detachment can keep pace with them especially where the roads are good you will obtain grain for your animals and some provisions for your command at the Mail Stations for which you will give a receipt to be paid in kind keeping a copy of each receipt and advising Governor Young by Telegraph so that we can forward the amounts by the Ox teams going to the States which are expected to start in a few days. In traveling be cautious and vigilant and keep together and allow no straggling from Camp either night or day. There must not be any drinking of spirituous liquors, neither swearing or abusive language of any kind, and treat every body with courtesy and prove their is no necessity of trouble with the Indians when white men act with propriety. If you can get to speak with Indians when white men act with propriety. If you can get to speak with Indians treat them kindly showing them that you are their friend's and so far as you are able, investigate the cause and origin of the present difficulties.

You had better have one or two friendly Indians to accompany you through whose agency you may be able to communicate with others and thus become appri[?] of their intentions.

When you meet the troops from the east said to be on their way you can return, but you will remain in the vicinity of the threatened difficulties until so relieved or so long as it may be necessary.

In traveling favor your animals as much as possible by taking good care of them by walking and leading them up hill and over rough or bad places. 

Keep a journal of every days proceedings and a strict account of every business transaction as well as of the causes leading to the disturbances if obtainable.

Send by Telegraph to President Young from every station giving us (in short) the current news and prospects of Indians state of the roads and weather and any other matter of interest.