1862 April 25 Letter to Lewis Robinsen


1862 April 25 Letter to Lewis Robinsen


Robinsen and his men are asked to go to Green River to quash Indian hostilities.


Indian Affairs


Daniel H. Wells


Lewis Robinsen


1862 April 25


Great Salt Lake City

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Indian Affairs

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Great Salt Lake City April 25th 1862.

Lewis Robinsen Esqr.

Dear Bro.

There appears to be an interuption on the Eastern Line by Indians, it is said that the Station Keeper at Greenriver has been killed, and that two Coaches on the Sweet Water had been set upon by Indians, six men wounded, and stock, Mail & Coaches lost. This is said to have occured near Split Rock.

In consequence of these transactions the Stock is being taken off the road and brought to Green River or Bridger. It is desirable that Col Wm H Hooper & C. W. West get East, and it is proposed that we send an escort of some twenty men to see them safe through the hostile country. I have sent for Joshua Terry to go as an interpreter, and we think you had better come and go out to Green River with your men as soon as possible, believing that your presence at Green River will have a tendency to settle matters satisfactorily with the Indians. Of course you will understand that we do not expect it is half as bad as reported, and we presume, that the thing is got up for a special purpose. We presume that you are going out soon anyhow, and so all will be right. The boys will start out under Burton this Evening or tomorrow Morning.

Answer by person or by bearer, so we can know your mind.

As ever your Brother,
Daniel H. Wells