1862 September 27 Letter to Peter Schuttler


1862 September 27 Letter to Peter Schuttler


A draft is sent to Shuttler to cover the debt of General Eldredge.




Brigham Young


Peter Schuttler


1862 September 27


Great Salt Lake City
Chicago, Illinois

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Great Salt Lake City Sept 27th 1862

Mr Peter Shuttler
Chicago. Ill.

Dear Sir:

Immediately upon being telegraphed by Gen'l Eldredge, that he had incurred indebtedness to you, I proceeded to arrange for its prompt liquidation. I procured from Mr. Ben. Holladay of New York City, who was then passing through this city on his way home, a draft on himself for $3900, with the intentions of forwarding it to you at once. With this object in view, and <not> knowing anything about details or particulars of the indebtedness, I telegraphed you Aug. 30, on the point of risk of its transmission to you by mail. On the next day, Sept. 1, agreeable to a sometime previous appointment, I started on a tour to our southern Settlements, one day before the arrival of your reply of Sept, 2. Those I had left in charge of some business matters, feel anxious to carry out my desire for your being paid at as early a day as possible, telegraphed you twice, and upon the receipt of your last reply, Sept. 13, did not feel at liberty to proceed any further in the matter before my return.

I returned on the evening of the 25th inst., and to-day, after having rested a little, your telegrams were presented to my notice, and I at once concluded to send you the draft. By way of precaution I shall not send it in tomorrow's 28th, mail, which takes this, but will forward it by the mail leaving here on the day after, viz., the 29th.

Hoping that the delay caused by my absence will not be particularly detrimental to you, and trusting that the draft will reach you in safety by due time of mail, I remain


Brigham Young