1863 January 26 Letter to George Q. Cannon


1863 January 26 Letter to George Q. Cannon


A list of financial drafts to be paid.




Brigham Young


George Q. Cannon


1863 January 26


Great Salt Lake City

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Financial Matters

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President's Office
Great Salt Lake City, January 26th 1863

George Q. Cannon Esq,

Dear Brother:

Please pay Nathanial Ireland, Pilton, near Barnstaple, Devonshire, England; L2.0.0; also pay L2.0.0. to Ann Wilson, Clapperson's Square, Sykes Street, Hull, England. I herewith inclose a draft drawn by Elias Jones, Spanish Fork, U. T., upon David Evans, Farmer's Arms, New Cut, Swansea in favor of Wm.
Jones, Llansovl, Carmarthen, South Wales, for L40.0.0, This draft is sent by James Jones Cache Valley to emigrate Wm Jones the coming season.

I have drawn upon you the following drafts

No 261, for L6.0.0 favor of Joseph Ward, Silver Street, Whittwich, Leicester, England

No 262 for L16.0.0 favor of Wm Reading, Leamington branch Warwick Conference

No 263 for L40.0.0 favor of W. S. Godbe

No 264 for L30.0.0 favor of W. Wall, Bristol branch, South Conf.

No 265 for L17.0.0 favor of Hannah Braithwaite, Kendall, Westmoreland, England

No 266 for L10.0.0 favor of Charlotte Evans, Shrewsberry, Shropshire, England

No 267 for L12.0.0 favor of Maria Parker, Southampton, Conference

No 268 for L132.10.0 " " W. H. Hooper

  "    269  "  L6.0.0.  "  "  John Chislett

  "    270  "  L8. 0.0  "  "  Ann Wagstaff, Mill Road, Covent  Garden, Cambridge

No " 271 " L4. 0.0. "  "  favor of Anna Tomine Frederickson,

Christians Norway (Draft here inclosed)

No 272 " L5.0.0 favor of Sarah Latimer, Burslem, Staffordshire

No 273 " L31.4.0 favor of Wm Garrett, Coventry branch, Warwick Conf. England (Draft here inclosed)

No 274 " L20.0.0 favor of Wm Nayl Nottingham branch.

No 275 " L23.0.0 "  " James Johnson, Ridgway branch, Worcester Conf and John Preese, Handbury, Herefordshire- (draft [?])

No 276 for L8.0.0 favor of Wm. Jeffs and Oliver Roberts, 63 Long Acre. Birmingham (draft here inclosed)

No 277 " L40.0.0 James Shields, Paisley, Glasgow, Scotland, & John Craig, Glasgow, Scotland, (draft inclosed)

Your Bro in the Gospel
Brigham Young