1863 June 15 Letter to Orson Hyde


1863 June 15 Letter to Orson Hyde


A meeting shall be held between the settlements disputing the rights of water and range. Brigham sent a letter to the Indians asking them to stop their attacks.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


Orson Hyde


1863 June 15


Great Salt Lake City
Spring Town, San Pete Country, U. T.

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Indian Affairs

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Great Salt Lake City, Utah
June 15th, 1863.

Elder Orson Hyde
Spring-town, San Pete County, U. T.

Dear Brother:

Complaint has been made to me that the people of Mount Pleasant abridged in their water privileges in consequence of the water of Cedar Creek having been taken from them by the settlement at Spring-town, and that their crops were suffering thereby; also that their winter and summer range is curtailed by the settlements of North Bend-- Springtown and Moroni.

I therefore wish you to call a meeting of the inhabitants of these settlements, the complaining and those complained against, and let this whole matter be talked over by the people, and if there is found to be just cause of complaint let it be removed, by extending to the people of Mount Pleasant their rights in the matter of water and range.

I learn from Bishop Bradley that Moroni has no grant of the range lying between that place and Mount Pleasant, therefore the Stock from the latter place has as much right to graze upon it, as that of Moroni.

The people of Moroni should have the privilege of going into the Kanyon and procuring Timber and fuel by paying a reasonable toll, or otherwise assist in the making and keeping in repair the roads leading into said Kanyons.

I sent by Bishop Bradley a letter addressed to the Indians,  the content which I wish to have communicated to them, and every influence used to have them stop their war upon the whites, and their destruction of the mail and telegraph property.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young