1864 February 10 Letter to Edward Hunter


1864 February 10 Letter to Edward Hunter


300 teams will be sent to Florence to immigrate the poor. Wards are expected to provide teams and supplies from tithing donations.




Brigham Young


Edward Hunter


1864 February 10


Great Salt Lake City

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G. S. L. City Feb. 10, 1864

Bishop Edward Hunter,

Dear Brother:

It has been concluded advisable to send 300 teams and wagons to Florence this season for freight and the poor, we therefore wish you, as Presiding Bishop, to at once proceed and apportion that number among the different Bishops throughout the Territory, each team to consist of four yokes of good oxen of proper age, and a wagon strong enough to bring thirty hundred, good Chicago wagons being preferable.

Upon notifying each Bishop of the number of wagons and teams apportioned to him, please inform him that, if his ward has not the requisite number of wagons that they can send conveniently they are at liberty to make their arrangements to purchase in the States to supply the deficiency. Also advise them, in rendezvousing here for A start, to bring with them such cotton, molasses, grain, flour, &c., as may be on hand, whether due the Tithing Office, P. E. Fund, Missionary Fund, Deseret News; also that they can bring cotton from the south and sell it in this market. The wheat and flour are particularly needed, for we have to depend upon what will be thus brought in for supplying the amount requisite to be sent back on the road for the immigration.

In fitting out the teamsters and Guards, so far as they lack in provisions, groceries, medicine and clothing, instruct the Bishops not to go into the tithing offices and take what has been gathered in them, but to go among the people and gather the articles that are needed, and give credit on their tithing in kind to those who furnish; bearing  in mind, however, that the teamsters and Guards would have to furnish themselves with those articles while paying their labor tithing, and therefore said articles should be gathered, as far as possible, on labor tithing.

Inform the Bishops that we expect the trains to be in readiness to cross the mountains at as early a date as the snow grass and weather will permit; also request them to be very careful and do the best they can to select honest, virtuous, temperate, good upright and responsible men for teamsters and guards; men who will conduct themselves properly on all occasions, ever setting a good example, and in all things demeaning themselves as they would like to do were they on missions preaching the gospel, for they are called to fill an important mission.

You may inform the Bishops that my Nephew Joseph W. Young is appointed to go to Florence as our agent in the affairs of our immigration there, and he will purchase wagons for those who may wish him to do so, provided they will deposit the money in my Office at the rate of $150.00/100 in currency for A wagon, subject to such defluction fluctuations of rise or fall as the currency may meet in the market with gold. The same percentage will be charged as for doing other business.

The outfit for the teamsters and Guards last year was very good, and it will probably be best to use the same list in advising the Bishops in regard to the outfits of this season.

For all needed blessings to attend yourself, your counselors, your brethren the <B>ishops and brethren at large, in fulfilling the foregoing requirements, you have the prayers of,

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young