1864 February 12 Letter to G. W. Crouch


1864 February 12 Letter to G. W. Crouch


Crouch has found success teaching school. The wheel on the paper mill froze up and prevented printing. Yoke teams are being gathered to assist the immigration.




Brigham Young


G. W. Crouch


1864 February 12


Great Salt Lake City
Parowan, Iron County, U. T.



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G. S. L. City, Feb. 12, 1864

Elder G. W. Crouch,
Parowan, Iron County, U. T.,

Dear Brother:

Please accept my thanks for your welcome favor of the 4th inst. I was much gratified to learn of your successful, labors in so useful an employment as is teaching school, and trust that your labors may prove beneficial to your pupils and reasonably remunerative to yourself.

I am glad that you enjoy a spirit of cheerfulness and a confidence in your ability to succeed, under the blessings of Heaven upon your labors in faithfulness, in making yourself comfortable, for doing which you have my best wishes.

The freezing up the wheel, &c. at the paper mill has prevented printing the "News" for quite a time, much to our disappointment, and probably much more to the disappointment of the brethren outside of this City, but the weather is now softening a little, and there is a prospect that the paper mill may soon enable the 'News" to be again regularly issued. In the meantime affairs at home and abroad are moving along  without being characterized by any very thrilling events, affairs here moving along very quietly, and the Bishops beginning their operations for gathering 300 four-yoke teams to send to Florence this Season for freight and the poor.

That all needed blessings may ever attend you in your efforts to work righteousness upon the earth is the prayer of,

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young