[1864] Appointment of Joseph A. Young


[1864] Appointment of Joseph A. Young


Young is certified as the agent over the immigration. Due to a lack of funds grocery, tobacco and medicine may be limited.




Brigham Young
Heber C Kimball
Daniel H Wells


Joseph A. Young




Great Salt Lake City

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To all unto whom these presents may come. Greeting:--

Know ye that the bearer, Elder Joseph A Young, is hereby and herein appointed an Agent to take the general charge and oversight of affairs pertaining to our this year's immigration in the United States, more particularly in New York City and from said City to this Territory; and not only in regard to members of the Church, but also such others as may wish to cross the plains with them; and to regulate, advise, counsel and control said affairs pertaining to said immigration and to use funds therefor and for his  assistants Elders William C. Staines and John W. Young and otherwise according to his best judgement and ability, as he may be dictated by the Holy Spirit and from time to time advised by our counsel.

All persons concerned as aforesaid, whether designing to cross the plains in the so called Independent Companies or in the P. E. Fund companies, are hereby and herein counseled to diligently observe such advice and directions as the aforenamed Agent, Elder Joseph A. Young, may give to carry out the requirements herein placed upon him for their welfare, with the assurance that such advice and directions will promote the interests of both those immigrating to this place and those desiring so to do. As cash funds are somewhat limited for this season's operations it is probable that the grocery, tobacco and medicinal outfit, of those needing assistance to cross the plains, may have to be some less in quantity than heretofore, and may need to be placed in the hands of some prudent, responsible person in each company, to be by him dealt out to the aged, infirm and over fatigued as occasion may in his judgement require, even to the extent of  restricting the issue of coffee, tea, sugar and tobacco as medicinal stores.

Furthermore, we cordially commend the aforenamed agent, Elder Joseph A.Young, to the kind attentions of all, and particularly of those with whom he may have any business transactions, and respectfully solicit for him such business courtesies and facilities as may comport with their feelings and abilities to extend.

Brigham Young
Heber C. Kimball
Daniel H Wells

Great Salt Lake City
Territory of Utah.