1864 March 23 Letter to John D. Lee


1864 March 23 Letter to John D. Lee


Settlement of Iron County should expand in a safe manner.




Brigham Young


John D. Lee


1864 March 23


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G. S. L. City, March 23, 1864

Elder John D. Lee,
Kanararville, Iron County, U. T.

Dear Brother:

Your letter of Feb. 5 and 22 came safely to hand. The 26 wether goats arrived in good time and condition, in charge of br. Joseph Rich.

In regard to the locations you have visited, and describe in your letter, the brethren who may wish to do so are at liberty to stretch out and occupy them as as fast as they please, as I have already informed several, provided that in so doing they are always mindful and careful to go into each new place in sufficient number to be safe, and particularly  careful not to have women or children at any time exposed to insult or injury through lack of ever ready and efficient protection. Operating upon this safe plan, that is to be always cautious and amply strong for protection, the making of new settlements in the choicest locations, as fast as practicable, will prove very advantageous.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young