1864 March 28 Letter to George Q. Cannon


1864 March 28 Letter to George Q. Cannon


Finances are discussed and Cannon should remain in Liverpool until August.




Brigham Young


George Q. Cannon


1864 March 28


Great Salt Lake City


Church Leadership
Financial Matters

Item sets

Great Salt Lake City
March 28th 1864.

Elder George Q. Cannon,

Dear Brother:

Since my letter of March 15th, I have drawn upon you the following drafts:- No. 455, L32.0.0, James Halladay; no. 456, L3.0.0, John W. Plant; no. 457, L22.16.6, Wm Birrel; no 458, L7.2.9, Sarah Lunn; no 459, L25.0.0, Wm. Critchley; no 460, L4.0.0, Charlotte Hughes; no 461, L5.14.0, Morgan Richards; no 463, L8.0.0, John Baxter; no 464, L28.0.0, John Arbon; no. 465, L6.0.0, J. C. Graham; no. 466, L14.0.0, George Q. Cannon

The following drafts are herewith inclosed:-- no. 457,458, [gap in typescript] I have paid the following amounts: Mrs. John Green, L20.0.0; J. T. Morris, L21.4.0; Wm. Osman, L1.0.0; Mrs. John Green, L20.0.0; Thomas Whitaker, L5.0.0; John T. Morris, L10.12.0; R. E. Miller, L65.10.0; Mrs. <A>bester Follet and Mrs Elizabeth Britton, L20.0.0.

Brigham Young

P. S.
President Wells will leave here with the mule train, on or about the 20th April, to take your place, and is expected to reach Liverpool about the middle of July. He will be  accompanied by my son Brigham. You will remain till about the middle of August, to give him an opportunity to be somewhat acquainted with the mission before you leave