1864 March 30 Letter to J. F. Kinney


1864 March 30 Letter to J. F. Kinney


Details are given on a power of attorney, the Indian account, and a reservation bill. The 2nd Calvary has been ordered west. Wyoming will be the outfitting point for the immigration. George Cannon will be released.




Brigham Young


J. F. Kinney


1864 March 30


Great Salt Lake City
Washington City, D. C.

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G. S. L. City, March 30, 1864.

Hon. J. F. Kinney, M. C.
Washington City, D. C.

Dear Sir:-

Since writing you on the 19th inst., I have the pleasure of acknowledging the receipt of your very welcome favors of Feb. 28 and March 1, 2, 4 and 8 with the inclosed Indian bills, extract of letter, also the three packages of seeds advised in yours of Feb. 28, for which please accept my thanks.

Mr. D. O. Calder filed the requisite bond, approved by Judge Titus, and forwarded it to you by mail directly upon receipt of telegram, and a power of attorney for you to act in the matter, and wishes you to hold the money subject to his order.

No doubt your feeling for the right was much vexed with the course taken with my Indian a/c on private calender day, but your zealous and judicious efforts will be attended with such result as Wisdom may direct; and whatever that may be, you will have the satisfaction of having labored to induce the Department and Congress to exercise tardy justice in the case.

I rejoice with you in the good fortune attending attending your reservation bill in the House, and presume, should it become a law, that your friend Mr Irish will be able to materially benefit the scattered bands by concentrating them innew and pleasant homes in Uinta Valley.

Your friends Hooper & Eldredge left by stage for the States on the 29th inst., and may, while transacting their business, find time to pay you a flying visit. I presume their principles address will be New York City, care of either Ben Holladay or Riggs & Co.

Spring continued very dry until the night of the 25th, when it began snowing, and has continued cloudy and stormy to even date, and still lowering.

This weather has been very propitious, saturating the previously rather dry soil, and giving promice of goodly crops in their season, not only of grain and vegetables, but also of fruits, as the cool weather had so retarded the swelling of the buds that I do not think the storms and frosts have injured them much, if any.

I am told that the 2nd Cal. cavalry, the largest half of those on the bench, has been <ordered> to what are called 'Government Springs' in Rush Valley, where their horses are. They were to have started on the 28th inst., but the rough weather has as yet delayed the unpleasant marching of cavalry on foot in snow and mud. They expect to start so soon as the weather settles, and will probably continue to move west by easy marches, to arrive in Cal. in time to be mustered out of service when their time expires. The plan for which they were sent here having failed, and their humbugging representations of gold discoveries in Utah being so easily seen through as to have comparatively no attention paid to them, (even the miners from the North and elsewhere, who have wintered here, all gone or going), it is very probable the rest will be so much wanted or so much want to be elsewhere that ere long there will be no imported troops within our borders, notwithstanding their large expenditure of 'Greenbacks' here to the proportionate detriment of Governmental finances.

My son Joseph A Young and my nephew Joseph W. Young have selected  Wyoming, near Nebraska City, for the outfitting point for our immigration, and I presume all our merchants will fit out from there. They think, as also do I from what I 

My son Joseph A Young and my nephew Joseph W. Young have selected Wyoming, near Nebraska City, for the outfitting point for our immigration, and I presume all our merchants will fit out from there. They think, as also do I from what I learn, that it has many valuable advantages over Florence as an outfitting point for this place. Joseph W. Young is our agent on the fruntier, and his present address is care of Hauley & White, Nebraska City. 

It has been deemed best, on account of the time he has been absent, and the wear of anxiety and perhaps climate upon his health, to permit Pres. George Q. Cannon to return home this season, and for Pres. Daniel H. Wells, accompanied by my son Brigham Young, Jr., to go to Liverpool for a time. They expect to start with the mule train about the 15th inst. Please keep this information to yourself until you learn that it is public. They would be much pleased to call upon you in Washington, but it is doubtful whether time will permit, as they will want to be in Liverpool in season to become informed upon main points in time for Pres. Cannon to reach home at as early a date as practicable

The trains for Wyoming, except the mule train before mentioned, are expected to start about the 20th to 25th of April, and to arrive on or before the 1st of July, in readiness to load and return.

I am not aware of other home items at present of particular interest, further than to add that peace, prosperity and general good health are the happy lot of your constituents-- the ewellers in Utah-- and that they are well satisfied with the efforts of their

Delegate in their behalf. All is well.

Truly Your Friend,
Brigham Young