1864 April 15 Letter to George W. Bradley


1864 April 15 Letter to George W. Bradley


Those in San Pete County should donate to assist the families of missionaries particularly the family of John Chase.




Brigham Young


George W. Bradley


1864 April 15


Great Salt Lake City
Moroni, San Pete County, U. T.

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Great Salt Lake City, Utah. April 15th 1864.

Bishop George W. Bradley
Moroni, San Pete Co. U. T.

Dear Brother:

I am credibly informed that the family of John D. Chase, now absent on a Mission, are in very straightened circumstances, and need many things to make them comfortable, for as it is they are almost destitute of the common necessaries of life.

Some years ago the Saints in and around this City by voluntary donations established a Fund for the assistance of Elders going on Missions, and for the support of their families in their absence. I am not aware that the Saints in your ward have ever done anything towards this Fund, and as I am sure they would not wish to be thought behind their Brethren in good works, I suggest the propriety of you calling upon them to contribute to this Fund at once, in such things as will be useful to a family. Take a list of the names of the Donators, the article donated, amount &c and forward to this office, that they may be entered on the record. Collect the donations and retain them in your hands subject to orders from this office.

You are also requested to enquire into the circumstances of Bro Chases' family, and upon ascertaining their wants, are authorized to assist them out of the means collected for the Missionary Fund, to the extent your own judgement may suggest, and let it not be said in Israel, prosperous and blessed as we are, that while an Elder is abroad  preaching the Gospel, his family are suffering at home.

Your early attention to this matter will promote a good cause, and oblige

Your Brother in the Gospel

Brigham Young

P. S. Let the amounts paid to Bro Chases family be reported to this office.

B. Y.