1866 April Letter to H. B. Clawson


1866 April Letter to H. B. Clawson


Clawson is sent a copy of a letter addressed to William Hooper. Business and financial matters are discussed. An order and measurements are received for the Cotton Mill.




Brigham Young


H. B. Clawson


1866 April


New York
Salt Lake City

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Business Matters
Financial Matters

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H. B. Clawson Esqr
Metropolitan Hotel New York

A copy of the above letter to Captain Hooper was sent to H B Clawson with the following additional items

Enclosed please find my measure for which you telegraphed. Also a list of articles that I wish purchased for my cotton & woollen factory. I wish you to purchase for me 24 yards of No 1, and 12 yards of No 2 best Bolting Cloth. This latter article you had better purchase of G. & W. Todd & Co at St. Louis. I have always traded with them, and I wish to keep up my trade with them, because they never deceive me.

As I wrote you before, I have authorized Captain Hooper to pay over to you the money which he will collect from the Government through the power of Attorney, that I sent him. This money I wish you to keep, and not pay it out to any person, or upon any persons' order, but my own. When I want it used, I will draw upon you for it.

As Bro Stenhouse will probably see you soon, and you will be able to obtain all the news respecting matters here from him, I need not write you at any greater length.

Accept my love and may the Lord bless you in all your labors, is the prayer of your Brother

Brigham Young

Memorandum for Cotton Mill-1 Box Emery

No. 2 & 3.

1 Grose 8 oz Tacks

2 lb

1000 Throstle Bobbins (4 inch Traverse) 2
for the Danforth frame

4 dox Dead Spindle tubes 4 7/8 inches long warve 7/8

Memorandum Woollen Mill
28 ft of Doffer combs for a 40 inch doffer
1 Twist weel and worm for woollen Mule
2 doz Small Shuttles

10 lb Twine harness

8 Steel reads no 1000 for weaving
2 "

" " 1200

1 Grose card combs


4 "

" " 800

Measure for Dress Frock Coat
Length 20 1/2 " 43 " Sleeve 22 " 34 1/2 round top of the arm 18 1/2 length of front 27. Breast 44"
Waist 44"
- - - Vest - - 26 1/2" 44" 44"
------ Pants ----Side measure 23" 42 " Leg seam 12" 29 3/4 Waist 42 1/2 " Hips 44" Bottom 18 3/4"
---- Top Coat ---21 " 27" 22 1/2" 35 1/2 round top of the arm 18 1/2 " Breast on the Vest 44" Waist on the Coat 25
1/2 front 27"

I have not sent my proof measures, owing to the difficulty of taking them correctly so as to be of practical use.

The figure to be cut for is rather short in the neck and throws the head a little forward, the coat should be cut with a little more length in the back part than the front say about 3/8 or half an inch also should be cut a little more forward at the front of the arm hole as the figure requires a little more coat to the back than to the front perhaps about 3/8 of an inch the back is rather full all the way from the neck to the waist consequently the side seams will have to be cut rather rounder than usual with little or no spring to the Hips, the coat should not have an extra wide shoulder nor too high a collor.