1866 May 22 Letter to Stephen Moore


1866 May 22 Letter to Stephen Moore


Moore is to deliver Sixty seven heads of cattle to the Indians. He should explain the situation with Sanpitch and inform them that the Mormons do not desire war but will defend themselves.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


Stephen Moore


1866 May 22


Great Salt Lake City

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Indian Hostility

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Presidents Office
Gt Salt Lake City
May 22nd 1866.

Mr Stephen Moore.

Dear Brother:

We send a drove of cattle --Sixty-seven (67) head-- by Brother Stephen Taylor for you and he, and such other brethren as go with you to make traveling safe, to take over to Uinta as a present to the Indians, Tabby, Sowiett and the other Chiefs, with their young men, women and children. We wish you to turn them over to them and have the letter w<h>ich I send with them read to them in such a manner that they can thoroughly comprehend the sentiments which it contains.

Tell them all the facts connected with this difficulty -- that we did not commence the war and do not want to fight, unless they compel us to do so in self-defence. But the Indians must stop their fighting, and the chiefs in Uinta must send word to all the Indians over whom they have any influence to cease their murders and depredations.

Your Brother,

Brigham Young