1866 June 21 Letter to Presidents, Bishops and Saints of the Northern Communities


1866 June 21 Letter to Presidents, Bishops and Saints of the Northern Communities


An epistle is sent with instructions on how to organize and defend against Indian attacks


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


Presidents of the Northern Communities
Bishops of the Northern Communities
Saints of the Northern Communities


1866 June 21


Great Salt Lake City
Northern Communities

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Indian Affairs

Presidents Office
Gt Salt Lake City
June 21st, 1866.

To the Presidents, Bishops and Saints of Ogden, Cache, Malad and Bear Lake Valleys:


Dear Brethren:--

We send you herewith a copy of the Epistle which has been recently sent to our Settlements East South and South East of this City. This Epistle was written in the first place for the settlements which were mainly compised of our Scandinavian brethren, who not having the experience of Americans and our first Settlers of this country, were unused to guarding against or resting Indian attacks. We required a higher number to be constructed in each Settlement than we have done had the people to whom it was first sent been more accustomed to the country and to handling of firearms than they were.

We wish you to take prompt measures to organize yourselves in your various Wards and Settlements so as to be able to take care of yourselves and cattle and repel any attack or raid that marauding Indians might wish to make upon you. To accomplish this your houses should be brought close together, so as to admit of their being made into a fort and easily defended in care of an attack. Your corrals also should be made strong, and be placed in positions where they can be covered and defended by your guns, and you should also have a strong guard always ready in case of need.

The instructions in the Epistle in regard to the number of the people in each Settlement, to guards, guarding, &c., &c., we would like you to follow as near as you can conveniently.

With love Your Brother

Brigham Young