1866 June 27 Letter to Daniel H. Wells


1866 June 27 Letter to Daniel H. Wells


The people must fortify against the Indians. Many have sought riches. Perhaps the threat of the Lamanites will turn their hearts to the Lord.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


Daniel H. Wells


1866 June 27


Great Salt Lake City

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Indian Affairs
Church Counsel

President's Office
Gt Salt Lake City
June 27th, 1866.

President Daniel H. Wells,

Dear Brother:-

We have just heard that an express leaves here for you in one hour, which gives me but a little time to write to you.

We are all well and your family and the folks generally, and every thing is moving along quietly. The crops, fruit, grain and vegetables are very promising.

We hear that the Indians have plenty of beef to eat and horses to ride, and are faring finely on their plunder. If the brethren will only learn by recent occurrences, to take care of themselves, their families and their stock, it will be something gained. I know that the people need something to stir them up, and cause them to live near unto the Lord, for their hearts have gone after riches, and they have been too anxious to accumulate wealth. If the Lord has taken this course to bring us unto Him, his hand is light upon us. Of course, we must acknowledge His hand in all things and, in these occurrences as well as in everything else I would rather be chastened by the hands of the Lamanites than by some other hands.

Praying the Lord to bless you, and give you the needed wisdom for every emergency

I remain with love
Your Brother in the Lord.

Brigham Young