1866 July 2 Letter to Tabby and the Chiefs and men with him.


1866 July 2 Letter to Tabby and the Chiefs and men with him.


Flour is sent to hostile Indians. They break their treaty but the Mormons will keep their word and strive for peace.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


Chiefs and men with Tabby


1866 July 2


Great Salt Lake City

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Indian Affairs

Gt. Salt Lake City
July 2nd, 1866

To Tabby and other chiefs and the men who are with him:

I send you herewith, by the bearer, Twenty Sacks of flour. I do this because I promised you that I would do so. If you will not keep the Treaty and do as you agreed, that is your business. But I want to show you that when I make a promise and agree to do any thing, I keep my word. I do not have two tongues; neither do I talk in two ways. If you and your young men were not angry, you would recollect that I have always talked and acted straightly with the red men. But you have shut your eyes and your ears. Your hearts are angry and you do not know your friends. When you get tired of fighting, and learn what is good for you, probably your hearts and ears will be open, and you will recollect that we were your friends. We did not commence fighting you. We have wanted peace.

Tabby you are a Chief. Did you not sign a Treaty to not steal from or kill white men? You know that you should try and live according to that treaty. We have not followed you to kill you nor any of your men; but we have fed the Indians ever since we came here.

Brigham Young