1866 November 26 Letter to Carl C. Widerborg


1866 November 26 Letter to Carl C. Widerborg


Franklin D Richards will marry Widerborg and his wife. Updates are given on the harvest, Indian conflicts and efforts to thwart the work. Brigham Jr returns to Utah.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


C. C. Widerborg


1866 Nov 26


Great Salt Lake City
Copenhagen, Denmark


Indian Affairs

President's Office,
Gt. Salt Lake City,
Nov. 26th, 1866.

President C. C. Widerborg,
No. 14 Lorentzens Gade, 1st Sal,
Copenhagen, Denmark.

Dear Brother:

Your request that you have made is granted, and I have just written to Brother F. D. Richards to visit you at Copenhagen, as soon as he conveniently can, to attend to the ordinance for you.

Peace prevails throughout the Territory, and good health and prosperity are enjoyed by the people. We have had some cold storms during the Fall, but the weather has been quite mild throughout this month thus far, and we <have> had considerable rain. The people have been very busy this Fall, in consequence of the many men which have been tolerably quiet for the past few months. The Navajoes crossed the Colorado lately and drove in some harvesters from Berryville in Kane County. One man was shot by them, but not dangerously. They stole some stock; but they were recovered.

The past season has been a fruitful one throughout the Territory; the earth has yielded an abundant harvest to reward the husbandmen for their labor. Our enemies have not been idle through this year. They have exerted themselves to the uttermost to bring trouble upon us. The death of Dr. Robinson they have endeavored to use for their own purposes, doing all in their power to implicate myself, the City authorities and the community; but in this they have signally failed. They came very near exposing some of their own number, which stopped their inquiry in that direction. It is hard for men to fight against the work of God. They meet with no success whatever. The prophet told how it would be; they should say: "Let her (Zion) be defiled, and let our eye look upon Zion. But they know not the thoughts of the Lord, neither understand they his counsel."

My son, Brigham, Jr., and Bro. Thurber arrived in good health and spirits on the 25th ult. They had a stormy voyage on the sea, and rather disagreeable journey on the land. They soon recovered, however, from their fatigue.

So far as I know, the families of the Elders are well. Please give them my love and accept the same to yourself, in which the brethren join. Praying the Lord to bless you, and to give you the necessary power to magnify your calling

I remain Your Brother,

Brigham Young