1867 April 2 Letter to Orson Hyde


1867 April 2 Letter to Orson Hyde


Black Hawk is hostile and the settlements must evacuate. House logs can be scattered and windows and doors removed to prevent their destruction. General Pace will take charge of the military.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young
Heber C. Kimball
Daniel H. Wells


Orson Hyde


1867 April 2


Great Salt Lake City


Indian Affairs


Great Salt Lake City, U.T.
April 2. 1867

Elder Orson Hyde

Dear bro;--

Your several notes have been received. We have also learned of the designs and probably power of Black Hawk and his band which appear to say the least of them sufficiently hostile.

Owing to the designs and demonstrations on the part of the Indians it becomes obviously our duty to evacuate all settlements on the Sevier above Gunnison as you have been advised by telegram. We are aware that this course will necessarily cause the breaking up and inconvenience of a good many people but we hope it will not accomplish the distress of any. Your settlements through Sanpete should take hold and help move them and take care of their property, houses and fences.

To prevent the Indians from burning or destroying property the brethren can scatter their house logs and fences and cover them with dirt and they can take with them their doors, window frames &c. of adobie houses rendering it difficult for them to do them much injury.

We wish you to go to Gunnison and see that so many of the brethren who are willing to stop at Gunnison are provided with land as it is desirable to strenghten that point, and they must build a good fort there, and live within it. We will see that when the time comes for them to leave it that they will receive pay, as there will be others who will need and they will pay them.

If necessity arise, to prevent suffering of any from hunger they must be helped from the tithing. But we wish the <tithing> Oats and Barley <especially> reserved for the horses of the command to be sent with Gen. Pace; those of Sanpete must keep their own animals.

General Pace will be sent out to take military charge the present season, and will also have a company of fifty men from other locations to act in concert with the forces of Sanpete, in defending the settlements from Indian depredations. General Snow will be relieved from the command for the present which owing to his ill health we think will be a great relief to him. We trust that the people will heartily respond to the requirements that may be made of them, and be united in all their efforts.

We regret very much that the brethren have to be broken up as it keeps them poor, and it is brother Brigham's feelings to wish he could be there and share with the brethren in their greatest difficulties as formerly; and we feel to bless them and counsel them to not be discouraged but be of good cheer and not give up the ship: by and by they shall be blessed in return for all the sufferings and all the difficulties which they now are called upon to pass through.

Bro Wells and a few of the brethren will probably visit Gunnison soon after conference.

Be fervent in Spirit & faithful in duty, and seek for the spirit of revelation that ye be not destroyed or injured by your enemies.

Praying the Lord to bless and guide you We remain your brethren in the Gospel,

Brigham Young
Heber C. Kimball
Daniel H Wells