1867 June 11 Letter to Erastus Snow


1867 June 11 Letter to Erastus Snow


Snow is invited to travel North with Brigham. Three men have been killed by Indians. Ezra Benson and Lorenzo Snow spoke in the Tabernacle.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


Erastus Snow


1867 June 11


Great Salt Lake City
Saint George, Washington County

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President's Office Great Salt Lake City
June 11, 1867

President Erastus Snow
Saint George Washington Co.

Dear Brother

It is my present intention to make the trip, of which we spoke, to Cache and Bear Lake Valleys, this Fall about the beginning of September. I should be pleased to have you accompany me; and to do so, you ought to be here by the first of September. I am writing to Brother Hyde to the same effect. Accompanying this please find the letter, of which I telegraphed you, to the people of Rockville, Kane Co. 

We have had considerable rains since we returned from Saint George, which have been very beneficial. During our absence scarcely a drop fell; but now the waters are very high, and all our streams -- higher than they have ever been before since our residence here. The cool weather we have had has had the effect to check the melting of the snows and given an opportunity for the water to run off. You have doubtless heard of the sad news from San Pete of Brothers John W. Vance and Heber Houtz having been ambushed by the Indians and killed. Oh, that men would live so that they might have the Spirit of revelation continually with them! It is as necessary for our brethren who go out on an Indian expedition to live so near to the Lord that they may know when danger threatens, as it is in any other position that they can occupy. These men who were assailed were faithful good men, and were doubtless riding along heedless of danger, and probably without a thought of ambush.

One man was wounded and another killed at Fountain Green recently; and from all we can learn, had proper care been exercised they would not have met with such a fate. With the experience that we possess, and the great amount of teaching that has been given on this and kindred subjects, the Saints should begin to understand, and especially those who are in authority and have to preside, that it is necessary to live constantly near the Lord so as to escape every evil with which we may be threatened.

Everything is peaceable in the city and good health generally prevails. The Indians, East, are said to be on the war path; but stories, no doubt, lose nothing by transmission. I think there need be no difficulty when the people travel to and from the terminus of the Rail Road, if they exercise a good degree of caution and care. They will doubtless travel in large companies.

Bros. E.T. Benson and Lorenzo Snow were with us on Sunday and spoke in the Tabernacle. They are both well. Bro. Benson started for home yesterday; Bro. Lorenzo will probably stay a few days longer.

With love, and praying the Lord to bless and inspire you with wisdom and every other qualification necessary in your high and holy position

I remain Your Brother
Brigham Young

I would like you to see that my machine has water from those Springs. It may be that Bishop Covington can have water turned in from other quarters, which is not needed for irrigation. I have just learned that a reservoir has been built to collect water. I do not know where it is, but the greatest of care must be taken that no damage results to the factory or any other property by its bursting.