1867 June 14 Letter to Carl C. Asmussen


1867 June 14 Letter to Carl C. Asmussen


The New Zealand flaxseed was distributed to various parts of Utah. Brigham is pleased with the missionary success but warns that opposition will come. Details are provided concerning Indian hostilities and the weather.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


Carl C. Asmussen


1867 June 14


Great Salt Lake City
Christchurch, New Zealand

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Missionary Work
Indian Affairs

President's Office,
Gt. Salt Lake City,
June 14th, 1867.

Mr. Carl C. Asmussen,
Christchurch, New Zealand.

Dear Brother:

I was much <pleased> to receive, on the 11th inst., your communication of March 21st, accompanied by the package of flax seed and the blue and red gum tree seed which you have so kindly forwarded me. The sample of flax itself, which was enclosed, is very excellent. If we can succeed in cultivating this plant it will be a great blessing to the country I should imagine. I shall distribute the seed to men in various parts of the Territory, who will take pains to propogate it, and I hope by the time you return that it will have been successfully produced here. I am very pleased to hear of your having baptized three persons, and trust that your labors will be crowned with abundant success, and you will have an abundant harvest as the fruits of your labors. You may expect to meet with opposition to your labors as the devil hates this work, and if he can influence the people by whom you are surrounded, you may depend upon it he will stir them up to anger against you. Every faithful elder has had this to contend with, and you are gaining an experience at the present time, which, if you are faithful, will be exceedingly valuable to you in the future -- you will obtain a knowledge of God and of His power that it would take you a long time to gain under other circumstances.

Everything is peaceable in this city and neighborhood. The Saints are pursuing their labors undisturbed by the wicked, and good health and prosperity prevail. We have sent a large number of elders to Europe this Spring. There are Indian difficulties on the Plains, and the mail has been seriously interfered with; but we anticipate no trouble for our missionaries and brethren if they will only exercise vigilance. We have heard of the shooting of one brother who went as teamster; himself and companion were a mile from camp with a herd at the time. We have had some difficulty with the Indians in San Pete county this summer. Three of our brethren have been killed by them. Greater care must be exercised by the Saints; for in many instances they are heedless, and death overtakes them at a time when they do not expect it. We have been accused of instigating the Indians to deeds of violence. This has been one of the charges which the wicked have made against us in their anxiety to bring destruction upon us. There seems to be a providence in our Indian difficulties last season and this. Were we at peace with the Indians and the country all around us threatened and annoyed by them, the cry would be again raised that we were stirring them up; but it is well known now that we have trouble with them, and the attention of our enemies is diverted from us by their own troubles and difficulties. Thus does God over-rule circumstances and events for the glory of His name, the salvation of His people and the accomplishment of His great purposes.

We have had an uncommon amount of rain and <snow> through the past winter; we have had some excellent showers lately which have been very refreshing and of great benefit to the fruits, grains and vegetables. The water is very high in this valley -- higher than it has been before since our residence here. The snow in the mountains last winter was very deep. We have had cool weather of late which has checked the rising of the water to some extent, and we hope that the streams will not be so high again as they have been. I shall be pleased to hear from you at any time, and hope you will write me frequently and inform me of your progress, your labors &c.

With love, and praying the Lord to bless you in all your undertakings, and to open up your way that you may dispose of your property and return to this land in peace & safety.

I remain your brother

Brigham Young