1867 June 29 Letter to C. H. Bryan


1867 June 29 Letter to C. H. Bryan


The cattle belonging to Sanpitch should be returned to him.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


C. H. Bryan


1867 June 29


Great Salt Lake City
Nephi, Juab County


Indian Affairs

President's Office,
Gt. Salt Lake City,
June 29, 1867.

Bishop C.H. Bryan,
Nephi, Juab Co.

Dear Brother:

There is a number of cattle which belonged to Sanpitch that are now in the possession of some of the brethren in your ward. Tabby sent over for them; but I understand that the party or parties to whom his son applied refused to give them to him, claiming that they belonged to Sanpitch's wife.

The Indians will send over again for them. Indian Joe, or somebody you are acquainted with will come after them. Major Rhodes will give the Indian who comes for them a letter. I should be pleased if you will make the necessary arrangements and see that they get all the stock and not keep anything back.

With love,
Your Brother

Brigham Young