1868 January 4 Letter to William H. Hooper


1868 January 4 Letter to William H. Hooper


The people petition for M. Hogue to be appointed Chief Justice. Hooper is asked to financially assist Heber Richards as he studies surgery. Brigham holds Cragan, Wade and other wicked men in contempt.




Brigham Young


William H. Hooper


1868 January 4


Great Salt Lake City
Washington D. C.

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Financial Matters


G. S. L. City U. T.
Jan 4th 1868.

W. H. Hooper
Washington D. C.

Dear Brother:-Since my last dated Dec. a petition has been gotten up by the professional men of our Territory praying congress to appoint M. Hogue a gentile lawyer of this city, Chief Justice of Utah. Mr Hogue is known among us as a quiet inoffensive law abiding citizen, and if it can be arranged that he be appointed to the office before named it would suit me admirably and be far preferable to the present incumbent of that important office -- the Chief Justiceship of Utah to which I trust Titus will not again be appointed to fill another term in our Territory. There is a limit even to the patience of the L---d Saints, and if Congress appoints one of a number of men whom we know are anxious to fill that office, his judgeship will probably be horsewhiped out of the Territory, But we look for better things, and the Lord will order it as He pleases.

Will you be kind enough to let Heber John Richards have what he may need for present necessities until I can send him means. I am desirous that he should make himself proficient in surgery as early as possible, not only to curtail expenses but we want his services here. Doc. Andersen has one or two pupils, and they seem to be getting along first rate, but the increasing of people demands more attention than one or two surgeons can give.

The school lately inaugerated is progressing finely. Bro. Calder has rising 80 scholars and anticipates a great many more ere winter closes.

Cragans bill has reached us and been published in the evening news. He might have added to it that no mormon shall be allowed to vote on any occasion whatever, nor hold office in Utah or in any Territory, or State of the Union.

I have a proposition to make to Cragan, Wade and all such men, when my old niger has been dead one year, if they will wash their faces clean they may kiss his ass.

I hold all such men in the greatest contempt and fear not their wicked deeds

Your family are well and general good health prevails.

Praying God to bless you I remain
Your Bro. in Christ.

Brigham Young