1868 January 25 Letter to F. D. Richards


1868 January 25 Letter to F. D. Richards


Brother Preston should leave with the last emigration ship. Others will be called to assist with the emigration. Emigration will be open for Saints who live the gospel. Elders should obey the word of wisdom.




Brigham Young


F. D. Richards


1868 January 25


Great Salt Lake City
Liverpool, England

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Word of Wisdom


Presidents Office
Salt Lake City
Jan 25 68

F. D. Richards
42 Islington, Liverpool, Eng.

Dear brother-

Your favor ult. containing description of came to hand on the 22nd inst. I am pleased that matters respecting the failure of Royal Bank have been so satisfactorily

I am quite willing bro Preston should remain with you until last ship sails, or if necessary until you have settled emigration business with those private individuals of whom you may charter vessels etc. Bro Preston can then come to N. Y. and assist the brethren there or at the frontier as he may be directed by Hiram W. Clawson and bro. Folsom who will have charge at N. Y. Bacon will be bought at the frontiers, we shall send flour for the emigrants with the teams.

I will use up second and third of my and shall commence with the second and unite them third unpaid pay to bearer, etc. I want the vessels bearing our people to said together as much as possible, for we shall send all of our teams together to the frontier.

But while I agree to this <your> poroposition <for bro. P. to remain with you> I am not prepared to say further in relation to conducting the business at the frontiers. No doubt there will numbers of the elders who will be released in the Spring, and who will cross the ocean with the people and have charge of them through <the> states, that will be willing to assist he who may be appointed to take charge of our business at the terminus of the U. P. R. R.

It is gratifying to hear so good report from those elders who were recently afflicted with xcoldsxxx which are so prevalent in that inhospitable climate; but those who have tested the promises of the Almighty know beyond doubt they never fail, and if the elders will observe to keep the word of wisdom they shall have power to bring many to the knowledge of the truth, and when the destroyer is abroad he shall pass them by, and in the end they shall be crowned with eternal life.

The saints who are now pining to escape the misery and corruption which abound on every hand in the old world, have only to comply with the requirements of the gospel and God will open the way for their temporal and eternal exhaltation, and to observe the word of wisdom is absolutely necessary to attain to this glory. All is ours if we live for it, and we are worse than nothing if we fail to obey the commandments and requirements of God after they are made known to us.

Business still continues dull. The weather has been very cold, and we have been favored with fine sleighing for several weeks which the people have seemed to enjoy to the utmost. General good health prevails. The brethren of the twelve are well, they and Jos. A. John W. and Brig. Jr. join in kind regards.

Praying God to bless you I remain your brother
Brigham Young