1868 January 28 Letter to John Stoker


1868 January 28 Letter to John Stoker


The First Presidency agrees with the High Council's decision. But the man who makes covenants with God and then consumes and shares liquor should be the one reprimanded.




Brigham Young


John Stoker


1868 January 28


Great Salt Lake City
North Canyon Ward

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Church Discipline
Church Leadership


Presidents Office
Salt Lake City
Jan 28th 1868

Bishop John Stoker,
North Canyon Ward.

Dear Brother-The First Presidency have received and perused the minutes of the trial of the Rick and Buckland boys; also the decision of the Bishop of the Ward, the decision of the majistrate, and the decision of the High Council in this City. We have also heard what the accused have to say for themselves.

After mature and careful deliberation, we have concluded that the decisions of the bishop and the High Council on this case are right.

We do think, however, that if great evil is committed by any, and especially by a man of standing in the Church and Kingdom of God, who will drink ardent spirits himself, and put the cup to his neighbors lips until they become beside themselves with inebriation and folly. Our opinion is, that if the young men, who are accused in the first place, had not been invited to drink liquor, by those who should have shown them a better example, there would have been no difficulty whatever.

A man who can go to the endowment house, receive his endowments and make solomn covenants before high heaven, passing through the sealing ordinance at the sacred Alter, and then go home and indulge in drinking ardent spirits, giving it to his neighbors, and by his pernicious example lead others to do wrong deserves a severe reprimand for his disregard of the sacred things of the Almighty, and a fine of at least twenty dollars for misdemeanor in promoting disturbance of the public and creating rowdisam in the Ward,

Brother Argile and his son should suffer the above penalties, and if they refuse to pay the fine let them be cut off from the Church; and let the fines be appropriated to the gathering of the poor.

<Our> My- Counsel is to fine any men who shall in any way encourage such gatherings where ardent Spirits are used until men become beside themselves and do that which is worthy of repentance, disturbing the quiet of the peaceable and law-abiding of the community.

We remain your brethren etc.

Brigham Young
Heber C. Kimball
Daniel H Wells