1868 January Letter to Gentlemen


1868 January Letter to Gentlemen


The Saints pursue agriculture, not precious metals. There is no monetary incentive to move to Utah.




[Brigham Young]




1868 January


[Great Salt Lake City]

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Salt Lake City
Jan -- 1868


Your favor dated Jan before me.

Perhaps you are not aware that this is a comparatively new country and that the people are almost entirely devoted to agriculture pursuits, while the inhabitants of the surrounding territories are those who are seeking after the precious metals. The people of this Territory are of a different [order?] from tho<se> gold seekers, a far better motive inspires and them dwell in this region of country--which is one of their seeking to be so far from the center of civilization, but they were compelled to abandon their homes in Illinois and move to this western world as an emergency, and for many years they have sought a living by the labor of their hands. Ignoring doctors and lawyers they have been blest with health and peace.

Religious institutions which the Latter-day Saints found in the midst of boasted Christianity was the primary cause of their settling these vallies-- a pure devotion to those principles which in [their] estimation were ordained to exhalt mankind prompted them to forsake the haunts of their < were > fellowmen. No other inducement to come to Utah have ever been offered to any people or individuals We can offer no pecuniary inducements to people to settle in this country, and if you wish to seek a home among this people the country is free, land is plenty, and, professing to serve God as we do, we are the friends of all good men.

Yours Respectfully