1868 February 23 Letter to Daniel Bunce


1868 February 23 Letter to Daniel Bunce


Wheat is a popular crop in Utah and an improved fanning mill would be profitable.




Brigham Young


Daniel Bunce


1868 February 23


Great Salt Lake City
Kansas City, Missouri


Business Matters


Salt Lake City
Feb. 23rd 1868.

Daniel Bunce
Kansas City Mo.

Dear Sir:-Your favor under date 9th inst. has been received and I may say that if you have any improvement in fanning mills, I have no doubt this would prove an excellent market for those articles. Wheat is our best crop in this country and if you wish to send one of your machines as a specimen-- I presume you can do business through Messrs. Godbe & Mitchel who are among our responsible Merchants of this City or any others, who ever you may choose to entrust, and if you find a ready market any improvement in that direction would be a benefit to the people.

It may pay you to send a man out here <to manufacture machines,> but that is a matter that we can tell more about when the machine has been tested in this country.

Very Respectfully
Brigham Young