1868 March 7 Letter to W. C. Crane


1868 March 7 Letter to W. C. Crane


Oats, corn and barley are scarce due to grasshoppers. Brigham can send flour and 1000 heads of cattle to supply those working on the railroad.




Brigham Young


W. C. Crane


1868 March 7


Great Salt Lake City
New York, New York

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Salt Lake City, U. T.,
March 7th, 1868.

W. C. Crane:
Secretary Union Pacific Railroad,
20 Nassau St. New York City, N. Y,

Dear Sir:-

Your favor of the 19th <would have> earlier received attention, had I not been absent when it arrived. In reply I have to inform you that the large companies purchased nearly all the oats corn and barley left by the grasshoppers, making it impossible to supply those grains until after another harvest. Flour can be purchased in considerable quantity; it is now selling at $6.00 per in currency; and the price is advancing. I am unable to inform you what figure the increasing price will reach before harvest, but, if you wish, I will purchase flour for your company either before or after harvest, or duing both those periods, upon as favorable terms as our market will permit, and will have it delivered as far and at such points east of this City as may be desired, also oats, etc. after harvest. I can furnish some 1000 head or more of beef cattle, [as] soon as they are in fit condition to drive for beef, at such rates as our home market will warrant.

Please inform me what time and where you wish to begin work, and I will do all I can to prepare to meet your requirements.

It would afford me much pleasure were I now able to answer your questions more definitely but holding myself in readiness to do so at all times when in my power, and ever feeling a lively interest in the successful and speedy accomplishment of the truly stupendous enterprise in which you are engaged,

I remain,
Very Respectfully,

Brigham Young