1868 March 8 Letter to Warren N. Dusenberry


1868 March 8 Letter to Warren N. Dusenberry


Teaching the plain principles of the gospel while avoiding disputations will allow the guidance of the holy ghost. Utah Saints are urged to be unified. The cattle donated to emigrate the poor need to be sold for cash.




Brigham Young


Warren N. Dusenberry


1868 March 8


Great Salt Lake City
Aberdeen, Mississippi


Missionary Work
Church Doctrine


Salt Lake City, U. T.
March 8th 1868

Elder Warren N. Dusenberry,
Box 250, Aberdeen, Mississippi.

Dear Brother:-

Your very welcome letter of Feb. 18 came safely to hand, and has afforded me much gratification, both through the information conveyed and the spirit with which it was written. I am pleased that you have so readily and richly profited under the experience you have thus far been blest with, and rejoice with you and your "little flock" in the blessings that have attended your labors. Opposition you, of course, expected, but your teachings, under the meek and quiet Spirit of the gospel, will be appreciated by the honest and upright, who can well afford to let the gainsayings and revilings of the wicked pass them as the idle wind.

The present seems an opportune time for proclaiming the principles of life and salvation in the region in which you are laboring, and by confining yourself to teaching those plain principles pertaining to initiation into the Church and kingdom of our God -- leaving the creeds and beliefs to those who choose them, and avoiding disputations, which are unprofitable -- you will constantly enjoy the light and comfort of the Holy Spirit and be instrumental in doing all the good within your power.

In our meetings of late we have been constrained to urge upon the people the great necessity of becoming one in all things, and the great majority seem to take a lively interest in the teachings upon this subject and manifest a willingness to strive to carry them out. This increasing unity upon our part, while disunion is <so> general prevailing elsewhere, is giving increasing power to the obedient; and while diligently striving for that oneness which must, sooner or later, prevail among the saints, they will, from time to time, be more and more blest with those rich blessings our Father and God has in store so abundantly and is so ready and willing to bestow.

The people are very liberal in their devotion for gathering the poor, but the scarcity of money will preclude the amount being so large as it otherwise would be. Many cattle have been donated, in hopes that they might be turned into money in time for this season's operations, but what success we shall meet with in making the turn in time is not yet known. In either event we are in hopes of being able to transplant many good people from the midst of poverty, corruption and darkness to these valleys where their faithfulness and industry will be blest in establishing the homes of the righteous.

A good spirit and general good health at present characterize our settlements, and the spring is opening propitiously for labors in gardens and fields, for which many are busily preparing, in trust that they will be blest with reaping in at least sufficient abundance.

Please accept for yourself and give br. Brown and such other Elders as you may meet and all saints our best wishes for your and their abundant success in every good word and work, and the assurance that you all are embraced in our faith and remembered in our prayers.

Please write as often as you may find opportunity or wish to, and replies, so far as other duties will permit, will be gladly attended to by,

Your Brother in the Gospel,
Brigham Young