1868 March 10 Letter to Bishop Hunter


1868 March 10 Letter to Bishop Hunter


Brigham calls for 500 teams to carry donated provisions to the railroad terminus for approximately 5,000 emigrants.




[Brigham Young]


Bishop Hunter


1868 March 10


Great Salt Lake City

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Salt Lake City
March 10th 1868

Bishop Hunter,

Dear Brother:-

In consideration of the great number who anticipate immigrating to this Territory from Europe and the United States during the ensuing season it is deemed necessary to send 500 teams to the frontiers or terminus of the U. P. R. R. each team to consist of one wagon and four yoke of oxen. They should start from this city about the 15th of June.

It is well known that the Union P. R. R. is now prepared to convey passengers and freight upwards of five hundred miles west of Omaha on the Mo. River. With these great facilities of transportation there are some inconveniences which must be provided for. Vis. A depot should be formed at a spot deemed most suitable near the terminus of the railroad, where provisions may be stored and, which will afford good camping facilities for our emigrants. We do not anticipate purchasing provisions and other supplies for the people, in the eastern market, but purpose sending means of subsistance with the teams which will meet them at the terminus of the U. P. R. R. hence it will be necessary for the inhabitants of the Territory to make donations of the bounties with which they have been so liberally provided.

We hope not less than 5000 adults will cross the plains this season enroute for this Territory. To feed this vast number of people will require large quantities of flour and beef, which may be apportioned among the trains and be easily driven to the outfitting point. I would recommend that dried fruit, bacon, cheese, vinegar, beans, pickles, pease and dried corn be gathered up and sent with our teams, which articles will prove very benificial to the people, and no doubt cause a decided improvement in their health and comfort.

The people of this Territory have an abundance of these articles, and if their attention be called to the fact that they will prove conducive to the health of the immigrant, they will take pleasure in supplying the wants of their brethren who are journeying hitherward.

Immediate steps should be taken to provide the above supplies and we shall expect you and your council to superintend these matters in accordance with former instructions on similar occasions.

Brigham Young
[sentence cut off]