1868 March 13 Letter to Franklin D. Richards


1868 March 13 Letter to Franklin D. Richards


A list of persons to be emigrated is sent and includes all who have paid $65. Brigham will send all the money he can. No debt should be established.




Brigham Young


Franklin D. Richards


1868 March 13


Great Salt Lake City
Liverpool, England

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Financial Matters

Salt Lake City,
Utah Territory,
March 13 /68

Elder Franklin D. Richards,
42 Islington, Liverpool, England.

Dear brother:-

I have advised you on another sheet, which please find enclosed, of my Drafts up to No 1256. We have been taking $65. in currency, and giving drafts on you for about £9. therefor, calculating it would be sufficient to bring one person to the terminus of the Union Pacific Railroad, and have promised for that sum to bring out one person from Europe as far as the money would go. Please therefore to have all such persons sent out as have received drafts to that amount. The brethren here however have in many instances sent only three or four pounds to a person, or less than $65. per head, believing that the parties would be able to furnish the balance of the money themselves, with the understanding that we are not obligated to bring them on if they cannot do so. I also enclose a list of persons to be sent out this season, whose friends here, in some instances I have promised that they should be sent for; others are nominated by persons who have donated money to the Fund, under a privilege which was granted to them; and whether balance of money you may have should be devoted to bringing out the old members of the Church who have been faithful for many years, in strict justice and without partiality.

I take this opportunity to say to you bro Franklin, and all who shall act with you, or under your instructions in the emigration business, that we shall send to you or bro Clawson all the money we can gather together for the emigration of the poor brethren, and <after> having done so I do not wish you to draw any drafts on me, or make any paper for me to pay, or in anywise bring me in debt to any person whatsoever, for I will not consent to it.

May the Lord bless you in your labors.
Your brother,

Brigham Young