1868 March 16 Letter to W. H. Hooper


1868 March 16 Letter to W. H. Hooper


Brigham improves property he purchased in Provo. Utah County will improve Roads and connect waterways. It is rumored that Utahns call for a territory of Wyoming. The railroad and mines may bring money to the market. Utah is isolated from government corruption. Brigham is interested in establishing a bank.




Brigham Young


W. H. Hooper


1868 March 16


Great Salt Lake City
Washington D. C.

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Building and Construction
Financial Matters

Salt Lake City, U. T.
March 16th 1868

Hon. W. H. Hooper
Washington D. C.

Dear Brother:-

I have written you somewhat respecting my prospected trip to Provo.

I left this City on the 25th ult. accompanied by several of the brethren and arrived safely at American Fork where we remained during the night. Wednesday pursued our journey reached Provo early in the day and drove immediately to the house which I had bought previously of brother William Miller. Commenced the labor of repairing fences and transforming the garden and general surroundings into that which I hope will prove a little more sightly, and add to the comfort of that part of my family who are now residing there. I did not accomplish much on my first nor my second visits, but, the municipal authorities have already commenced operations, and we are looking for a radical change for the better in the revenue system and general features of the City of Provo.

The saints in that part of the country feel exceedingly well, and seem wiling to take hold and assist in carrying on the work of improvement born in Spiritual and temporal matters, but there are many evidences of sad neglect on every hand. Buildings much decayed and out of repair; streets at times absolutely impassable; fences delapidated; orchards overgrown untrimed and otherwise neglected; which gives the place an unprepossessing appearance which is lamentable considering the natural advantages of that site for a City.

The most important work about to commence is the building of a good Territorial road through Utah County and Provo Kanon, two very important thoroughfares arrangements are being made to bridge the Provo River and American Fork; as you are aware both these streams become unfordable during the season of high water.

We have a report to the effect that the citizens of Utah have petitioned Congress to make a new Territory under the name of Wyoming including Utah and Idaho. We should like much to know who these citizens of Utah are; telegrams from the east brought the first intimation to this people would be pleased with the underhanded manner in which a few resident enemies have always conducted such matters, for the express purpose of finding a niche where they can lodge a complaint against the Mormons. But their evil deeds will redound upon their own heads while the cause of God will prosper in the land.

We have every prospect of a good crop the coming season and the near approach of the U. P. R. R. will undoubtedly give the people an excellent market for their produce the price of which may be regulated by the producers providing the farmers adhere to counsel and hold their grain at remunerative prices. The eastern mines and the railroad will make consumers plenty, and if a wise policy <be> adopted and carried out by those who hold the supplies money will be plenty and business brisk ere many months have passed by. Now business is very dull.

Washington the great father of our country would blush to behold the unhallowed strife now waged among the Sons of those who poured out their blood like water to establish and maintain their nations independance, and the great Republic in praise of which so much has been written and sung in demoralizing policy pursued by corrupt Legeslators who bring odium on our nation, which even now is far sunken in the estimation of honorable men. Lively times in Washington no doubt and, we suppose the question of impeachment will soon be at rest and reconstruction again occupy the attention of the nation

We look forth on our peaceful vales and thank God (that) our lot is cast in such pleasant places; to God be all honor for our present isolation from the turmoil and strife subsequent on the hopelessly devided condition of our once happy country. Here we build and inhabit and the blessings of heaven are equally shared by the poorest.

For several days we have been kept indoors by the disagreeableness of the weather, considerable snow has fallen during the last two days and we may now reasonably hope for an agreeable change.

Bro. Henry Lawrence will probably establish a branch store at Provo, and will perhapes accompany me on my next visit for that purpose

My mind is still busy upon the subject of establishing a bank in our City whenever it shall be deemed practicable.

Your family and friends are well, so far as known. My own health is excellent. Brs. Kimball, Wells, G. Q. C. & B. Y. Jr join in kind regards.

Praying God to bless you I remain
Your Brother in Christ,

Brigham Young

P. S. Your welcome favor under date 1st inst. came to hand this 5 p. m. 16th inst.