1868 March 30 Letter to William Snow


1868 March 30 Letter to William Snow


Brigham requests a list of donors. Funds must be received before a person can be emigrated.




Brigham Young


William Snow


1868 March 30


Great Salt Lake City
Pine Valley, Washington County, Utah


Financial Matters


President's Office,
Salt Lake City,
Mch 30/68

Bp. Wm Snow,
Pine Valley, Washington Co. U. T.

Dr. bro:

Your favor of 15th inst and $50 C inclosed came to hand. You say Isaiah Taylor of your place paid $35.00 of it, but do not say who paid or donated the balance, or $15. and three persons are mentioned by you to be sent for, while the money is not sufficient to bring one person to the railroad terminus. It will be necessary for the money to be received before those persons can be sent for in our usual way by draft; or donations in sufficient amounts must be received before their names can be put down for immigration. I wish you would please write me the names of all who donated or paid in the whole of the fifty dollars, as I can do nothing with it until they are duly received.

Your brother

T. W. Ellerbeck.
Clerk for Prest. B. Young