1868 March 31 Letter to John R Murdock


1868 March 31 Letter to John R Murdock


Murdock should be careful selling livestock in the west. Brigham cannot request for persons to be emigrated without sending cash for their fare.




Brigham Young


John R. Murdock


1868 March 31


Great Salt Lake City
Beaver, Beaver County, UT

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Financial Matters

Salt Lake City,
March 31, 1868.

Bishop John R Murdock,
Beaver, Beaver County, U. T.

Dear Brother:-

My absence at Provo prevented an earlier reply to your favor of the 16th inst. In regard to driving stock west, there may be a good market for it there, if so reports are rather contradictory, but I have no objection to your testing the matter by driving some and trying it. In case you do so, please give strict instructions to keep a sharp lookout for cattle theives on the route and all the time until disposed of, otherwise the loss of stock may more than counterbalance the anticipated profit and turn the venture into a loss. Unless you have reliable information of a more favorable nature than any I am at present aware of, I would not recommend venturing too many at a time. In regard to the two names, Charles and Jane Pears, forwarded in your note of the 24th inst., I have only to say that we cannot forward any means on stock donations until the stock is sold for money, as money alone will answer from Liverpool to the terminus of the railroad. Should the stock be sold in time, I shall take pleasure in forwarding their names.

Your brother in the Gospel,
Brigham Young