1868 March 31 Letter to Thomas Callister


1868 March 31 Letter to Thomas Callister


Brigham agrees that a joint stock store would be profitable and that Callister could render more aid if he is not a member.




Brigham Young


Thomas Callister


1868 March 31


Great Salt Lake City
Fillmore, Millard County, Utah


Business Matters


Salt Lake City,
March 31,1868.

Bishop Thomas Callister,
Fillmore City, Millard County, U. T.

Dear Brother:-

Your favor of the 19th inst. would have received earlier attention, but for my recent absence at Provo.

I coincide with your view that a co-operation or joint stock store would prove benificial, if entered into and carried on upon upright principles and in a correct business manner willing to live and let live in laboring for the upbuilding of the Church and Kingdom of our God. I also think, with you, that you could render such company more aid, and that it would in other respects be better for you, not to be a member thereof yourself.

I am pleased to learn that the brethren are manifestly improving in their endeavors to live their religion, and that they may be blest in this and in every good word and work is the prayer of,

Your Brother in the Gospel,
Brigham Young