1868 April 2 Letter to H. B. Clawson


1868 April 2 Letter to H. B. Clawson


At least $50,000 will be sent for the emigration. If many can pay their own way, more will be assisted to emigrate. If the railroad fare is outrageous the teams may need to drive the whole route. A draft is sent.




Brigham Young


H. B. Clawson


1868 April 2


Great Salt Lake City
New York, New York

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Financial Matters

Salt Lake City, U. T.
April 2. 1868.

Elder H. B. Clawson,
215 Spring Street, New York City.

Dear Bro:- Your favor to me of 12th ult. came to hand, and I take the first opportunity to reply. A letter was written to bro. Franklin D. Richards the other day stating that with the amot you took down with you, we should send you -- an equivalent to $50.000.00 currency: but it may be over that amot; and now I will tell you what I think respecting the numbers who will be coming. There will be sufficient numbers of persons ordered out from here to use up <almost> all the money sent, which will leave Franklin unable to help out but very few, if any, others. Of course at our estimate of $65. currency pr head to the terminus of the Railroad, the above sum is only sufficient to bring out a little less than 800 persons, or adults; but many, doubtless, will be able to help themselves some, & who with but a little assistance can come along, which will swell that number, perhaps 50 per cent; all of these, who are thus in care or charge of the P. E. Fund Co are to be especially looked after, as the Independents may be more able to help themselves; and how many of these <Independents> there will be can only be learned from the other side of the water.

In relation to supplies it is expected that the teams from here will take flour, bacon beef & dried fruit sufficient for the P. E. F. Co immigrants, and if there is more it could be bought for the Independents. But there is one thing that should be ascertained as soon as possible & that is, how much the Union Pacific Railroad are going to charge, if you have to make a separate arrangement with them, for our immigrants to come on to the terminus, because if they should be out of the way in their charges, our teams had perhaps better go on, or rather that idea should be considered & if they are outrageous in their charges I dont see how they can be paid & the teams would perhaps be compelled to go to the old frontiers. And as there seems a probability of plenty of teams, it might be advantageous for E & Clawson & the Church for your firms freight to be hauled out. I merely mention this idea.

<Enclosed> please find Wells Fargo & Co's 2nd of Exchange No 1337. 28th ult to your order Ten Thousand ddls Cy on their office 84 Broadway. N. Y. the 1st having been sent you several days since. It is for the emigration business.

My kind regards to bro Staines & best wishes for the success of both yourself & him in your labors.

I will write again soon.

Your bro

T. W. Ellerbeck
Clk for Prest B Young