1868 April 11 Letter to F. D. Richards


1868 April 11 Letter to F. D. Richards


Richards and H. B. Clawson will coordinate the emigration. Forms are enclosed to document each passenger by name and age. Elder Van Steeter is released to assist his family. Due to an increase in attendees the school of the prophets meets in the old tabernacle.




Brigham Young


F. D. Richards


1868 April 11


Great Salt Lake City
Liverpool, England

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School of the Prophets
Missionary Work

Salt Lake City,
April 11, 1868

F. D. Richards
42 Islington, Liverpool, England.

Dear Brother:

I herewith inclose to you a letter to bro. H. B. Clawson, that you may understand the instructions therein given to him and those that are applicable to your joint operations in the affairs of the emigration, also form of note to be used by you in this season's operations, unless you already have blank forms on hand, in which case, if there is no material difference in the text you can use them, but in either case follow the instructions about having all the names and ages of each family or party written by the clerk plainly and in full and correctly spelled, on the left hand side.

In addition to the enclosed list of persons to be forwarded by you, I wish to release Elder Van Steeter from his mission in Holland (where he is laboring under Elder Marcus Holling) and forward him to Utah. His family were sent through in 1866, and their circumstances make it requisite for him to come through this season.

Aside from the items communicated to you in my letter of the 28th ult. and in the copy of letter herewith forwarded, I am not aware of any matters of present grave importance. Freight trains are starting for Cheyenne, and companies from north, south and west are passing through on their way to the Sweetwater mines, which tends to give East Temple Street an increased air of stir and bustle, but business continues dull and will until another harvest, unless the railroad operations commence within our borders.

Our April Conference was very interesting and fully attended, the particulars of which you will read in the papers, and the brethren from the various settlements returned to their homes strengthened and encouraged for the great work devolved upon us. The members of the School of the Prophets have become so numerous that yesterday we adjourned to meet in the Old Tabernacle; the scholars are very punctual in their attendance, spirited in their remarks and anxious to improve in correct understanding and conduct.

I had purposed again visiting Provo this morning, but a heavy rain storm last night has caused me to defer my trip until Monday next.

Your family and friends are all well, so far as I am advised, and the health of the people generally is good, as also that of

Your brother in the Gospel,
Brigham Young