1868 April 25 Letter to H. B. Clawson


1868 April 25 Letter to H. B. Clawson


About $50,000 is sent for emigration expenses. The cost to cross the plaines will include 50 pounds of freight.




Brigham Young


H. B. Clawson


1868 April 25


Great Salt Lake City
New York City

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Financial Matters


Salt Lake City, U. T.
April 25. 1868.

Elder H. B. Clawson
New York City,

Dear bro:-

Enclosed please find Wells Fargo & Cos First Exchange No 1380 dated April 22/68 on their house in New York for $2500.00 Current Funds; this is for the benefit of the emigration. When Bro. Calder goes East I shall probably send U. S. gold coin sufficient to make £1000.00 Sterling, which I wish you to remit to the Liverpool office, as soon as possible after you receive it. In my letter of 10th inst. I stated that you should charge the Independents $15. pr adult, for crossing the plains, -- & <that they should also> pay for all their freight besides -- which may be understood to include provisions & baggage. I will now say that they are to be allowed 50 pounds freight and passage for that sum, & pay for every pound over that amount: I will also say that that figure was based on starting from the vicinity of Cheyenne. Now if the terminus shall be considerable nearer to this city than Cheyenne the prices for Independents and P. E. F. passengers which I gave you on the 10th inst will need modifying -- according as its approach shall be nearer to us. The enclosed remittance makes in the neighborhood of Fifty Thousand Dollars all told that has been sent for the emigration -- counting it all as Currency, and you cannot depend on receiving much if any more money, except what bro Calder is expected to take to you, viz about £1000.00 in gold coin: of which you had better advise bro. Franklin, that he will know how many to send.

Your brother,
Brigham Young