1868 April 25 Letter to Franklin D. Richards


1868 April 25 Letter to Franklin D. Richards


A list of persons to emigrate is sent.




Brigham Young


Franklin D. Richards


1868 April 25


Great Salt Lake City

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Office of the Perpetual Emigrating Fund Company
Salt Lake City April 25th 1868.

President Franklin D. Richards
42 Islington, Liverpool, England

Dear bro:-
I wish the following named persons brought out from Europe the present season:

Names  [space]  Residence

105. Wrigley Ellen [space] L'pool Branch, Lancashire, England
106. Urie James & wife [space] No. 3. Cumberland St. Southside, Glasgow Scotland 
107. Halstensen Josephine [space] Christiania, Norway.
108. Seaburn Mariah [space] Lugwardine branch, Herfordshire, Engl
109. Davis Jonathan [space] Framehill, near Fromgard, Herefordshire Do
110. Staller Margaret [space] St Imier, Canton Bern, Switzerland
111. Rock Mary [space] Shicknellhill, Herefordshire, England
112. Chappell Wm [space] Coachbuilder at Mrs. Osborne
[space] No 12 Rosemary St., St Pauls, Bristol, Engl
113. Powell, Sarah, James T. H. Ephraim, 30 Florence St. Islington, London.
114. Lint Anton (8 in family) Aalborg, Denmark (1)
115. Ostergaard Christian Christiansen Hjorring, Wensysel, Denmark
116. Stober Marie Christiansen (3) Do. Do. Do.
117. Christensen Mette Maria [space] Ottestrup, Dronning Lund, Wensysel Denmark
118. Ekstrom Anders (1) [space] Christiania, Norway
119. Nielsen Peder (2) [space] Copenhagen, Denmark
120. Christensen Christine [space] Aastrup, Hjorring, Wensysel, Denmark
121. Nielsen, Karen [space]  Do.  Do.  Do.  Do.
122. Warrillow John (2) [space] Birmingham, England
123. Nielsen Jacob Christian [space] Hjorring, Wensysel, Denmark
124. Fogelberg Matilde Augusta [space] Lund, Scona Conf., Sweden.
125. Collins Sarah [space] Yewtree House, Bradley Green, near Feckenham, Worcestershire.
126. DeGrey Alfred, Maria, John, Sam, Selina,Maria, Eliza C., [space] Sponlane, West Bromwich, Staffordshire Eng.
127 Kayles Harriett [space] Lanport Branch, Portsmouth, Hampshire, Engl.

​​​​​​​Brigham Young