1868 May 9 Letter to L. L. Bedell


1868 May 9 Letter to L. L. Bedell


S. B. Rose will be encouraged to pay off the debt he owes Bedell. Brigham asks where the note is and how much interest is expected.




Brigham Young


L. L. Bedell


1868 May 9


Great Salt Lake City
Cheyenne, Dakota Territory


Financial Matters


Salt Lake City, U. T.,
May 9th, 1868.

Dr. L. L. Bedell,
Cheyenne, Dakota Territory,


In compliance with the request in your letter of April 24, Mr. S. B. Rose's attention has again been called to your demand against him, and he promises to begin to take steps for its liquidation as soon as he finishes his ploughing. He says the note he gave you is negotiable, and that if you had sold it a receipt for any payment upon it would not be good against the note presented by any one who may have bought it.

Please inform me where the note is, and so shape the affair that payments from Mr Rose can be receipted for and forwarded to you without risk from another claimant, and I will endeavor to have him pay you such sums from year <time> to ye time as his circumstances will permit, until he liquidates the debt; also please inform me what interest, if any, you expect Mr Rose to pay,

It will probably be best for you to forward the note to some responsible Firm or person, say Messrs Eldredge & Clawson, Messrs Jennings & Co, or any other <person> you may prefer, though not a lawyer.


Brigham Young