1868 May 19 Letter to Samuel B. Reed & Silas Seymour


1868 May 19 Letter to Samuel B. Reed & Silas Seymour


Brigham wishes to hire Reed and Seymour for grading and masonry on the railroad near Echo Canyon if they will contract with him if the railroad passes by Salt Lake City.




Brigham Young


Samuel B Reed
Silas Seymour


1868 May 19 Letter to Samuel B Reed And Silas Seymour


Great Salt Lake City

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Salt Lake City, U. T.
May 19, 1868.

Messrs Samuel B Reed and Silas Seymour


I have carefully examined the figures you mention that you have been accustomed to giving for grading and masonry on the Union Pacific Railroad, and have concluded to contract with you for that work from near the head of Echo Canon west, provided you will add ten per cent to those figures; and further provided that you let me the job from the point aforementioned to this city, in case the road passes by the south out of Great Salt Lake, in or to the shore of said Lake, in case the road passes by the north end; and still further provided that you will furnish me powder, steel, picks, shovels, wheelbarrows, scrapers, carts, and other tools, articles and material necessary for said work, at cost and your customary price for freight pr rail in such cases, as also hands at such rate per rail should I need any; in other words all such favors and facilities as you are accustomed to extend to contractors for expediting the work.

The work to be done on or before the last of November next, or by the time you get the railroad completed up to the point where I am to commence.

The price for tunneling to be such as we may hereafter agree upon, or as we may agree upon before drawing up the contract.

Payments to be made as I may require in the progress of the work, not exceeding in amount the value of the work done at times of such payments.

Truly your friend,

Brigham Young