1868 May 20 Letter to Alexander Black


1868 May 20 Letter to Alexander Black


The group should emigrate together. If H. B. Clawson cannot assist them they should work in New York and earn enough for the railroad fare.




Brigham Young


Alexander Black


1868 May 20 Letter to Alexander Black


Great Salt Lake City
Cohoes Falls, Albany County, New York

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Financial Matters


Salt Lake City,
May 20, 1868.

Mr Alexander Black
Cohoes Falls, Albany Co. New York

Dear Brother,

In reply to your letter of the 5th inst., I have to inform you that we have already sent from here all the money that we think we can spare for this season's immigration, for which reason your better plan will be to at once write to Gen. H. B. Clawson, 60 East Twenty-seventh Street, New York City, who is our agent in this year's immigration operations, and may be able to help you all through. If he is not, I think it will be best for you all to stay where you are until another season, and be industrious, prudent and economical, when you will have means to pay your own way through by the rail road, which will by that time be completed to near this city, or, perhaps to this City, which will be much pleasanter and more independent for you all. I would advise you to keep together, whether you come this year or next.

May God bless you all with every needed blessing and preserve you in the pathway of truth is the prayer of,

Your brother in the Gospel
Brigham Young