1868 May 22 Letter to A. Hatch


1868 May 22 Letter to A. Hatch


Bishop Hatch is asked to explain his use of Emigration donations to purchase property for a tithing office.




T. W. Ellerbeck


A. Hatch


1868 May 22


Great Salt Lake City
Heber City


Financial Matters
Perpetual Emigration Fund
Church Leadership

President's Office,
Salt Lake City,
May 22 1868

Bp A. Hatch
Heber City:

Your letter of 18th inst per hand bro. McDonald to Prest. Brigham Young was duly received, with the money according to the list: but you appear to have paid out of the Emigration money a certain sum of money for a lot for the tithing office. I really dont think a bishop has authority to pay money out, even if it is tithing money, without the sanction of President Young, at least not at present; and as he knows nothing about it, will you be so good as drop him a line explaining your reason, and authority for so doing, if you had any other authority than the seeming necessity of the case. I cannot properly credit those persons with the money donated unless it is received at this office. Your kind attention is respectfully requested, by your brother

T. W. Ellerbeck
Clk for Prest B Young